Spring Remodeling Trends

Apr 1, 2014 | Renovations

Spring has sprung, and with the beautiful change in weather comes the perfect time to make changes and improvements to your home. According to trends for spring 2014, more homeowners are remodeling rather than moving, choosing to improve the home they have invested their time and money in. But what remodeling trends are driving homeowners this spring? From improving landscaping to updating the kitchen, homeowners are taking on a wide range of remodeling projects to modernize their style. Here are six top remodeling projects for Spring 2014.

1. Improved Landscaping

Spring is the perfect time to do a major overhaul on your home’s landscaping. Not only is the weather beautiful, but it’s also the season for planting and growing. To improve the landscaping, consider adding colorful flowerbeds and other greenery to make your home stand out. Better landscaping adds to curb appeal, which is critical if it is time to sell.

2. Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Another remodeling trend for this spring is adding energy-efficient upgrades. Energy efficiency is more than just changing light bulbs and turning off electronics at night. You can save on energy by using low-volatile organic compound paints and adhesives, installing more efficient windows and a new furnace, and shopping for other ENERGY STAR products, which have the EPA’s seal of approval for efficiency.

3. Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling the bathroom is another project that many homeowners are choosing to take on this spring. Bathroom remodels tend to have a high ROI, making them a popular choice. You can upgrade any bathroom by adding new fixtures, installing custom tile and cabinetry, and adding large windows for natural light. Others are choosing to install low-profile linear shower drains as well as heated bathroom flooring for more comfort.

4. Modernized Kitchens

Another project that tends to yield a high ROI is modernizing the kitchen. Kitchen trends for 2014 are focusing on adding practical upgrades and durable materials. For example, popular remodeling projects include refacing the cabinets, adding commercial-style appliances, installing quartz composite or granite countertops, and replacing the flooring with hardwood-style. Many homeowners are also choosing to mix cabinet colors and tones for a modern look.

5. Upgraded Doors

While upgrading the doors in your home may not be the first remodeling project that comes to mind, it can go a long way in terms boosting resale value. New home buyers tend to be attracted to minor details that add curb appeal, such as upgraded and repainted doors. At the very least, add a fresh coat of paint to the front door to spruce up the exterior.

6. De-cluttering

Last but not least, with spring cleaning comes de-cluttering. Simply de-cluttering your home is beneficial because it allows you to take stock of the various projects that need to be undertaken. It also allows you to improve the overall look of your home and prepare it for the market if it is time to move.

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