Smart Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Oct 22, 2021 | Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is a favorite meeting spot for most families where people gather to prepare meals, eat, and bond. With all this activity countertops can get crowded with gadgets and appliances. Yet the ability to find the right tools and ingredients determines whether time spent in the kitchen is pleasurable. Properly storing items also ensures that they aren’t neglected or underutilized. This is more the reason why you should create storage features that ensure that your gadgets and appliances are stored out of sight but always accessible.

Reasons Kitchen Appliance Storage Should Be Out of Sight

Here are some core benefits of installing storage solutions for small kitchen appliances and gadgets  during your next kitchen remodel.

1. Safety

This is the primary reason why kitchen gadgets and appliances should be stored away after use. It translates to both personal safety and safety of the appliance. If you have overcrowded benchtops and appliances placed everywhere in a kitchen with lots of traffic and small kids running around, accidents can occur at any time. Storing kitchen appliances and other items after use ensures a clutter-free kitchen hence preventing potential accidents and fire hazards.

2. Saves Time

A properly organized kitchen with small kitchen appliance storage solutions or better still DIY kitchen appliance storage contributes to more efficient meal planning, preparation, and clean-up. This saves loads of time, increases productivity, and prevents stress

3. Aesthetics

Most people and families, in general, spend lots of time in the kitchen each and every day. Hence this should be a serene space where everyone feels calm and happy. Keeping countertops and surfaces clutter-free by incorporating a variety of kitchen appliance storage ideas during kitchen remodeling or any other opportune time will ensure that your kitchen is always a welcoming, safe and comfortable space to work in.

4. Saves Money

Kitchen appliance storage cabinets and other small kitchen appliance storage solutions will prevent damage to your appliances and gadgets. This ensures that no money is wasted on repairs or purchase of new appliances after damage. Items are also likely to be well used guaranteeing that owners receive their money’s worth. People are also less inclined to spend money on items and equipment that they don’t really need.

5. Improves Functionality

A well-organized kitchen with a host of kitchen appliance storage solutions provides for better functionality. Everything you need is at hand and you can move around with ease without dropping items or tripping on objects. This way cooking is never a chore since you never have to move items to make space for prep, cooking, or clean-up.


5 Smart Kitchen Appliance Storage Ideas

Kitchen countertops are prime real estate, yet many homeowners overcrowd them with a host of gadgets and small appliances. Though these items are meant to make life easier an overcrowded kitchen counter only makes it more difficult. You may not be planning to scale down on your kitchen appliances hence these small kitchen appliance storage ideas will come in handy during your next kitchen remodeling project.

1. Corner Nooks

Corner spaces can be hard to access hence sometimes overlooked or wasted. But with smart shelving, pull out or swing-out solutions these spaces can be put to good use. One of the most practical uses of these spaces especially when adjacent to a countertop is using them as a tea station. They can be used to keep small appliances such as the kettle, toaster, and coffee machine out of sight, yet accessible whenever they are needed.

2. The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island can be designed to accommodate smart kitchen appliance storage solutions. These can range from cabinets to shelves and drawers. Or even incorporate an appliance lift to raise and lower heavy appliances such as mixers. Some islands are large enough to accommodate all appliances.

3. Dedicated Appliance Centre

If you have a spacious kitchen you can create a designated appliance center with in-built power points where you can plug in your appliances. This can be a fun DIY kitchen appliance storage project and if you wish you can install roller or bi-folding doors to keep the area neat and secluded.

4. Walk-in Pantry

If you have a kitchen with a large pantry it is a perfect place to store all your small appliances out of sight. In the design stage or during kitchen remodeling you can dedicate a section of it and have a worktop where you can plug in appliances when in use. If you love baking, you can have a dedicated baking space that can accommodate all your baking appliances.

5. Appliance Shelf

Not all kitchens have walk-in pantries. But you can still squeeze in a special appliance shelf at some secluded corner. You can incorporate doors to seal off the area especially if you have small children. Large appliances can be stored at waist level so that they can be easily accessed and returned. Smaller gadgets can be stored in boxes or drawers below.

People are bound to be more safe, efficient, and happy when working in a clutter-free kitchen with smart and innovative kitchen appliance storage solutions. You understand your kitchen storage needs best therefore incorporating DIY kitchen appliance storage solutions during your next kitchen remodeling project is a smart idea.