Picking the Right Materials for Your Remodeling Project

Oct 21, 2014 | Renovations

There are some places you may not think to look when considering materials for your remodeling project. From research to contracting, this list will give you some good starting points for your project.

1. Check Out Pinterest

Pinterest is a great starting point because of the many different styles and unconventional ideas it links to. You may find that you can actually use reclaimed pallet wood in your kitchen instead of the expensive backsplash you saw at the local warehouse. It could be both stylish and affordable. While Pinterest does require a subscription, it is free and could lead you to an idea you may never have considered.

2. Know Where to Skimp

The backsplash previously referred to is a perfect example of where you can get away with cheaper material. If you are looking at replacing your flooring, however, cheaper may not be better. With flooring material, choosing something that will hold up under the use you anticipate is a very important consideration. Knowing the areas for remodel that will be used more heavily in your home can greatly inform you about where they should be budgeted.

3. Contact R.H. Homes

With 10 years of experience, R.H. Homes can help you determine exactly which materials will be right for you. Each proposal we prepare for a remodeling job has a line by line description of what we will perform. We specify quantities and allowance amounts on the front end. This allows our suppliers to make informed decisions and ensures swift turnaround time. Owner, John Ricks, personally reviews all product lists before the ordering processes are complete.