New Build – Canal Winchester Project

Nov 21, 2014 | Renovations

Thinking about starting a new build on your land? Check out this story to get more acquainted with the process.

Earlier this year, Christine and Walt A. moved to the Columbus area from Cincinnati. The family purchased some land in Canal Winchester and wanted to work with a smaller local contractor to construct a new build for them. They were referred to RH Homes by a friend of a friend who we did some remodeling work with in the past. After they went to the website and saw some of the work that we have done, they contacted us through the website inquiry process.

Christine and Walt did not have any plans, but they did have some ideas of what they wanted for some floor layouts. When we initially met with them, we gave them an anticipated budget on what they could expect to pay. We then put them in contact with one of the architects that RH Homes works with, and we got a preliminary plan together to better estimate the final cost. After going back and forth a few times and making some strategic plan changes while juggling ideas to reduce costs, we moved on with the preparation process. This stage can last anywhere from four to ten weeks, and includes finishing up all the drawings, bidding processes and permits. After all is in check, the fun can begin!

In this case, the homeowners really wanted to work with a smaller local contractor that would be able to work with them on a more personable level and with the same high quality level a larger contractor would provide. Sometimes, experienced homeowners who have built houses in the past, end up deciding to pick medium to small size contractors to carry out their projects.

Since we have started the process, we have developed a really great relationship with Christine and Walt, both on the personal and professional level. RH Homes continues to work together to look for cost reductions without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Although, sometimes projects take a few more weeks than anticipated, this family is pleased with the quality of the workmanship thus far. RH Homes usually chooses to work with smaller contractors who have proven their abilities in past projects, to ensure that each step of the process is done up to standards. The finished product always delivers!