Green Remodeling

Feb 18, 2014 | Renovations

For a little over a decade, “green living” has gained popularity due to millions of environmentally conscious individuals. There’s a variety of ways we’re “going green” these days, including recycling, reducing water waste, and reusing items we would otherwise toss in the trash bin. The “green” movement’s surge in popularity now provides homeowners with the ability to conduct “green remodeling”, the process of using earth-sustaining concepts to remodel a home.

Conserve Energy

By applying green remodeling techniques, homeowners are capable of reducing their energy consumption by up to 50%, per the Sustainable Building Industry Council (SBIC). Since reports indicate that approximately one-fifth of America’s energy consumption is taken up by homes, using green techniques to remodel a home could put a significant dent in America’s overall energy usage.

Reduce Waste

Part of green remodeling focuses on reducing waste materials. The EPA reports that over 130 million tons of waste materials are discarded each year from remodeling projects. This waste is then transferred to landfills where it remains until it is either destroyed or decays. Since this can take hundreds of years, experts have used green techniques to reduce the environmental footprint left by remodeling projects. Often, green remodeling involves taking steps to recycle at least 85% of discarded material.

Cut Costs

Green remodeling can result in significant cost savings for homeowners. Though planning a green remodel may take a little more work, the long-term benefits of reduced energy consumption and improved energy efficiency amounts to more money in your pocket. In the process of planning a green remodel, it’s important to locate recycled materials whenever possible. As opposed to purchasing new material, recycled material costs less to purchase and is better for the environment as it reduces waste.

Protect the Environment

One of the most obvious reasons to invest in a green remodel is to help preserve the environment and create a healthy living space. According to the National Association of The Remodeling Industry, green remodeling helps reduce pollution caused by a remodeling project and improve living quality inside the home. During a green remodel, much care is taken to reduce air, land, and water pollution.

5 Ways to Make Your Remodel a Little Greener

Despite your remodeling project’s complexity, there are always ways to incorporate green living into your plans. Review these five green remodeling ideas for your next project.

  • Install programmable thermostats — These thermostats allow you to set specific times for usage. This reduces overall energy use and results in cost savings.
  • Add natural rugs and fabrics — These sturdy alternatives to synthetic materials are durable and result in minimal waste during production.
  • Use recycled material on the roof — Many green remodeling projects use recycled material for roof tiles and shingles.
  • Install energy efficient lighting — Replacing traditional lighting with energy efficient lighting helps conserve natural resources and reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Ensure quality insulation — In order to prevent excessive use of artificial heating and cooling for your home, consider making insulation a priority during your remodeling project. Quality insulation helps keep your home cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months — reducing the need to use additional energy.

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