Getting Ready for Your Spring Remodel

Mar 18, 2015 | Decorations, Furniture, Renovations


Spring is finally in the air, and after Spring is finally in the air, and after a long, dark winter, we couldn’t be more ready! This is the time of year when a lot of homeowners start their spring cleaning and think about remodeling projects. Warm summer thoughts brighten your day. Maybe you want to redesign your back deck? Add a three-season room? Give a fresh, new look to your kitchen? This post will help you get your remodeling ideas organized and get your house ready for your next big project.

Conduct Preliminary Maintenance

Now that all the snow and dead leaves are finally on their way out, you should do an annual check-up on your home to make sure it is ready for a remodel. If you need to replace your roof, you may not be able to invest in a remodel of your kitchen, as well. It’s best to be sure before you start compiling designs. Walk around the perimeter of your home and check for cracks in the foundation, leaks in the window seals, loose gutters, broken shingles, and freeze damage to outdoor plumbing. If you don’t have any big repairs to make, you’re good to go!

Pin Down One Idea

Endless possibilities can be overwhelming, but making that first decision is the biggest step. Consider your budget. How much do you have to work with? You can’t truly remodel a kitchen on a $10,000 budget, and there’s no need to spend $50,000 on a bath remodel. Start with a general budget and look through inspirational photos on sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Better Homes and Gardens for ideas and new trends.

Come Up With a Budget and Stick to It

You must extensively research the costs of designers, materials, and construction. Get bids from several contractors and compare prices. Include a buffer for any unforeseen costs. It could be a maintenance, hidden damage uncovered by the remodel, or different materials. Be prepared for anything!

Acquire Necessary Permits

Check with your city to determine which permits you need before beginning construction. Your home may not be zoned for certain types of construction, or you could be encroaching on someone’s land and view. Additionally, adding a tall fence, deck, or patio requires a permit. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get a permit, so get started as soon as possible.

Get Ready for the Remodel!

Now that you’ve designed the remodel, allocated a budget, and acquired permits, you’re ready to prep the house. Oddly enough, many people don’t think to clean out the room being remodeled. Store unneeded items neatly and out of the walking path of contractors. Make sure anything you do need is still accessible in a way that won’t disturb the workers. If you want to protect your floors, purchase a plastic floor liner or tarp. Lastly, try making some space for the contractor’s equipment, either in your garage or driveway. In the market for remodeling your home for spring? Consult with a professional at RH Homes in Columbus, today!