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Make Your Home Pop for Spring 2015

Posted by: admin | March 31, 2015
Spring has sprung, and now is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning - and redecorating! New fashion trends are coming down the runway for spring 2015, and new decorating trends are popping up everywhere. Whether using trendy, fashion inspired decorating ideas or timeless standbys, now is the time to implement them into your decorating scheme. Here, we cover some refreshing spring decorating ideas that will work for any budget.
A Fashion Inspired Focal Point
An eye-catching chandelier above the coffee or dining table is sure to turn heads. Trends for 2015 include texture, geometry, and old world gilded metals. Or, add a new spring centerpiece inexpensively: ferns are elegant, affordable plants easy to care for. For example, a ruffled birds-nest fern will add color, texture, and pattern to your dining room or coffee table. 
Brighten Up the Living Room
Living rooms are no longer the stiff parlors they were years ago. Make them more inviting by adding bright colors, painting an accent wall, or incorporating a bright accessory piece. Use accessories, such as vases, rugs, and unusual flea market items, to create spunk and start conversations. 
Makeover the Bedroom
Freshen up your bedroom for an instant mood boost upon waking. Add new colors and texture to an old headboard by wrapping it with fabric. Bright pieces next to the bedside table will add a touch of spring without breaking the bank. Bare walls can be brought to life with inexpensive but stylish frames filled with patterned paper.
Stickers Aren’t Just for Kids 
Wall decals are popular for a reason. They are a fast and easy way to create new life in any room. They can be mixed with photos and wall art and come in a number of designs and colors. Create a personalized mural by mixing interesting stickers and vintage frames.
Add Some Trendy Colors
For the trend-centric, Pantone's colors of spring 2015 are cool, soft tones and muted warm hues, like sea-foam green, almond, and tangerine. Pantone's color palettes are designed specifically for mixing and matching each season. For example, sea-green draperies can be matched easily with an almond or tangerine patterned rug. Draw the eye around the room by reflecting colors in furniture upholstery and accent trims.
Decorate the Porch
Home decorating does not stop within the four walls of the house. The porch is an extension of the home, where much relaxation (and sometimes partying) takes place. Decorate the porch with colors and accented patio furniture. Paint outdoor walls with bright pastels, and don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Create a relaxing outdoor space with a hanging bed or porch swing and look forward to long summer days lounging in the shade.
Plants, Plants, Plants! 
One can never go wrong bringing more nature into the home. Use an array of house plants to bring interest (and fresh air!) to any room. Mix and match species to add color, texture, and pattern. Look for plants that thrive in the type of lighting the room provides, i.e. partial, full sun, or shade. Ferns are great for darker rooms, while succulents need as much sun as they can get.
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