Benefits of Having a Screened in Porch

Apr 8, 2014 | Lighting

When considering building an addition to a home, a screened-in porch is an excellent option. Screened-in porches offer numerous benefits to homeowners, from providing a space for entertaining to adding value to the home. If you are uncertain about whether or not you should add a screened-in porch, here are six benefits to consider.

1. Space for Entertaining

One of the main benefits of adding a screened-in porch is that it can add a great space for entertaining. You now have additional space which provides numerous opportunities to entertain outdoors without worrying about inclement weather. You can also add comfortable furniture to your porch without the risk of it being ruined by rain or snow. By adding a dining table and chairs, there is a space to enjoy outdoor meals with friends.

2. No Bugs or Insects

Many people love being outside but hate pesky bugs and insects. With a screened-in porch, you can always enjoy the beautiful outdoors without being attacked by bugs and insects or having to put on sticky, smelly bug repellent. Spend time outside at night without fear of mosquitoes biting you left and right with the protection of a screened-in porch.

3. Plenty of Natural Light

When built right, a screened-in porch has plenty of natural light. Natural light is important to have in your home because it can play a role in increasing the body’s level of vitamin D. By adding a screened-in porch, you ensure everyone in your family can be exposed to healthy, natural light, even when they are technically indoors.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Are you considering selling your home in the near future? A screened-in porch is a great way to add value to your home. Screened in porches increase curb appeal – the critical first impression a new home buyer gets when they see a home from the outside. This makes your home much more attractive to potential buyers and increases the chances your home will sell fast. Adding a screened-in porch will set your home apart from the competition, which is important in the current real estate market.

5. Many Styles to Choose From

When it comes to building and designing your screened-in porch, there is a range of options to choose from. Typically, a screened-in porch will have wood framing that contains screen panels as well as a roof to provide shelter. In determining which type of wood you want to use, there are plenty of choices, allowing you to create a more casual porch or a more upscale, finished porch. The options are limitless.

6. A Quiet Space

Along with providing a space for entertainment, a screened-in porch can be an excellent space to find peace and quiet. Add a comfortable couch and chairs to your screened-in porch, and it will become the perfect destination for reading a book or simply relaxing in the sunlight without having to be directly outdoors.

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