Annually Friendly Colors for Your Home

Aug 19, 2015 | Painting, Renovations

One of the most enjoyable parts of having a new home is deciding what color to paint it. This can be tricky depending on what season you moved in, since not all colors are annually friendly. However, there are several annually-friendly colors to choose from and can often be mixed and matched depending on what area of your home is being painted. Annually-friendly shades are available for interior and exterior paint jobs.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors have a natural ability to blend in with their surroundings. This makes them look good on any home at any time of year. Exteriors in particular can benefit from neutrals. For example, a white exterior will easily highlight any colored trim you choose or any exterior decorations such as fall and winter wreaths or window boxes full of flowers. A beige exterior can highlight natural touches, such as exposed brick or a stone chimney, while a cream exterior carries all the benefits of white with slightly more color contrast. When using neutral exterior paint, make sure the material is easy to clean.

If you choose neutrals for your home’s interior, the eye will be drawn instantly to furniture and interior design. Consider neutral interiors if you like large, bright furniture in saturated colors (jewel tones, burnt orange, deep black or brown). Also consider neutrals if you use many paintings or large wall decorations, such as tapestries or other hangings.

Peach or Coral

Also known as Marsala, this color was a favorite in early 2014. Eight months later, it remains a favorite. Peach, coral, and corresponding shades may seem like summer colors, but they are quite annually friendly. These shades brighten almost any interior, making them great colors in fall and winter, especially for naturally cloudy and cool climates. Marsala makes a room seem larger, which gives you the opportunity to utilize space and relax inside without feeling claustrophobic. It’s also a cheerful, eye-catching color for exteriors, though not as common as neutrals.

Light Green

Some people eschew green as a paint color because it reminds them of things like frogs or hospital rooms. Others think green is a strictly spring color. The right shade of green can be annually friendly, though. A light, almost neutral green with gray undertones would be a great choice for a kitchen or living room. Remember, there’s no need to paint an entire room one specific color. Small touches of light green mixed with other annually friendly colors will give a room more visual interest.

Turquoise or Teal

These colors are more annually friendly than some of their counterparts because they come in more shades and can’t easily be associated with one season. For example, dark teal might automatically be associated with the ocean in some people’s minds. Yet if you add teal touches to a room with creamy carpet, mahogany furniture, and a crimson or yellow afghan, you will have created a great autumn-toned room. In the same house, you can use teal to play up a spring theme; choose teal wallpaper patterned with pink or lavender flowers for a small girl’s room, or use light turquoise accents among sunny yellows and corals in the kitchen.

Color should always be the most enjoyable part of your home and should never go out of style with the seasons. Choose an annually-friendly color to make your home cozy and fun all year long. When you are considering taking your home project to the next level, contact RH Homes about your remodeling needs.