2021 Modern Home Remodeling Ideas: Taking Your Home to the Next Level

Aug 20, 2021 | Decorations, Flooring, Furniture, Lighting, Renovations

People are spending more and more time at home, and starting to pay closer attention to the look of their home. Because people want to feel comfortable and satisfied in their home, many are dedicating their time and energy to home improvement projects and refreshing home decor. Your home should feel unique and special, so homeowners are on the hunt for new, modern home ideas that standout from ordinary home design. Keep your home feeling alive with creative home ideas.

Approaching a home remodel with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas will help your home standout from other homes in your neighborhood. When renovating, there are two things to consider: improving your family’s living conditions and choosing investments that will be valuable upon resale of your home. It may be helpful to contact a professional home remodel contractor to guide you through the process. The following are some innovative approaches to remodeling that will be popular in 2021.

Modern Home Remodeling Ideas for your Home Office

The majority of workers are still working remotely from their at-home office. Without definite returns to on-site locations, the home office is becoming an attractive, functional, and stylish aspect of your home. More and more attention is being paid to creating or adding to a workspace where you can be productive and content working at home.

In many cases, people were sent home to work remotely, but just don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate an entire room or rooms to one or more offices. The lack of space for an ideal home office can prove to be a drawback for some individuals. Below are some modern home remodeling ideas to create a functional office space without a dedicated room.

Closets Converted for Extra Space

One option is to remove doors from large closets to increase available space. If a closet is the correct size, homeowners can install an office desk in the closet space itself. This allows for a cozy and quiet nook to be productive.

Use Walls to Your Advantage

Some desks are configured to be mounted on the wall to save space. Although it may seem like a small space saver, it can be a game changer. You can purchase a wall desk with a smart design to organize all your essentials, creating a compact workspace mounted on your wall. In addition, because of the lack of desk legs, you can place a set of drawers or a trash can underneath the desk to utilize the free space. Not only is mounting a desk on the wall a great way to fit in a tight space, but it also looks sleek with its simple and modern design.

Turn One Room into Multiple Rooms

Room dividers and partitions are back in style. If you are lacking space for multiple offices in your home, partitions are the perfect solution to separate multiple offices. Create your own work cubicle at home and separate your office environment from other offices or the rest of your house.

Decorative wall partitions and dividers allow you to stylishly separate a space with creative intent. Many retailers sell unique, colorful dividers that will accentuate the design of your work space.

Create an Office Space You can Enjoy

The home office should contain as much personalization as possible. The colors, decorations, and furniture you surround yourself with profoundly impact one’s mental and physical health. People are happier when exposed to bright lighting. Ambient sound helps concentration. Colorful design keeps the mind active. Any small detail can improve the productivity in your home office.

Environmentally Conscious Home Improvement Ideas

Several modern home remodeling ideas are taking a more sustainable approach to protect the environment. Many people are taking the initiative to make their homes as ‘green’ as possible.

Switch to Solar Panels

Working from home requires more energy than before, which is not only not friendly to the environment, but it also increases your energy bill drastically. To combat the energy vacuum caused by working at home, homeowners are installing solar panels on their property.

Solar panels are an investment that will ultimately help you save money and energy in the long run. Solar panels can be installed on the roof of your home or in another location on your property which receives an ample amount of sunlight. Switch to solar panels and save the environment and your wallet.

The Bathroom Finally has the Spotlight

People find solace in the bathroom. It is a place to relax and unwind, but it is often the last priority. However in 2021, homeowners are paying more attention to their bathrooms and adding thoughtful modern home remodeling ideas to transform their bathrooms from a neglected space to a sanctuary for relaxation. Below are several ways to bring your bathroom to life.

Lighting is Key

Bathrooms need bright lighting. Bathrooms are usually the spot to get ready in the morning, and nothing is worse than getting ready in dim light, even worse, the dark. It makes sense for your bathroom to be brightly lit in order for you to pay keen attention to detail.

By using LED lighting, you can create a bright and stunning bathroom. A note of caution, utilizing bright LED lighting will emphasize any dirt or grime in your bathroom. It will also work the other way: if your bathroom is spotless, the lights will only make it look better.

It is imperative to place light fixtures in all the crucial areas of your bathroom. This could include around mirrors, above sinks, in or above showers, near toilets, in cabinets, or anywhere activity takes place.

De-stress in your Bathroom

See your bathroom as less of a powder room and more of a spa. Your bathroom is the perfect place to create a peaceful environment to relax. Incorporate stress relief with jetted tubs to relieve muscle tension in the tub. Aromatherapy showerheads to instill serene scents in your bathroom to add to the ambiance. Water resistant speakers can play your favorite tunes or white noise, whatever helps you relax. A steam shower serves as a substitute sauna to detox after a long day.
When creating your personal spa, it is important to tap into each of the 5 senses to immerse yourself in the tranquility of your own bathroom.


When it comes to tile, the combinations are endless. Your tile design has immense room for creativity. With modern home remodeling ideas, tilework has the power to transform a room. Change the size perception of your room with your tile selection. Make the tilework the center of the room with standout colors and designs. Dull or brighten the room with different tile tones.
Tile is most prominently found in the kitchen and bathroom.

How to choose bathroom tile colors?

Typically, cool-toned tilework looks better in a bathroom. Cool-tones include blues, greens, grays, and purples. Cool tones allow for the bathroom to have a fresh and clean feel.

Interestingly enough, cool-tones have a psychological effect that decreases your appetite.

How to choose kitchen tile colors?

In a kitchen, you want to go with warm-toned tilework. Warm-toned tilework creates a welcoming environment perfect for the kitchen. Warm-tones include red, yellows, oranges, and pinks.

Tile Trends in 2021

To keep up with 2021 tile trends, follow these steps:
Try out new tile patterns – Don’t be afraid to take home several tile different samples, some in and outside your comfort zone to push your creativity.

Avoid large grout lines by grouping tiles closer together – Grout lines are ugly and should be minimalized at all costs.
Consider herringbone, stacked, or other classic tile patterns for a trendy look.

Another trending design idea is to install mosaic tiles as backsplashes in the kitchen or decorative designs within shower walls. Home improvement enthusiasts can have fun with mosaics as a fun DIY project almost anywhere in the house, as long as you don’t over do it.

Incorporate The Outdoors

Another popular 2021 home remodeling trend is utilizing the outdoors as much as your indoor space. With people spending more time in their home, taking advantage of your outdoor property is a nice relief after being trapped inside all day. Most people make their indoor living spaces comfortable but neglect their backyards. Homeowners can easily upgrade outdoor areas to make them more enjoyable. More and more people are trying to blur the line that separates their indoor and outdoor space to promote a sense of continuity within their home.

Install large paned sliding glass doors on patios and balconies. During warmer weather, folks can open these to allow for a natural flow between spaces. UV and insect screens reduce energy costs while keeping the bugs out.

A growing number of people are cooking outdoors. There are several types of outdoor kitchens available. Besides the central interior kitchen, satellite kitchens provide additional cooking elements, such as grills and pizza ovens. Gazebo-style patio coverings offer shade from the elements to an outdoor kitchen area.

Edible gardens are the most steady trend of 2021 that isn’t leaving anytime soon. People have grown their fruits and vegetables as a means of self-sustainability and a fun hobby. Immunity gardens are the most popular. These gardens feature immune-system boosting plants, such as tomatoes and yellow peppers. A garden can create a tranquil yet functional appeal to the backyard.

Last Thoughts

Modern home remodeling trends for 2021 are centered around more time being spent at home. People are determined to make their home enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Take the time to make your house look nice and feel the difference with a professional home remodel contractor.