Tech Meets Kitchen: 10 Tech Additions You Need in your Smart Kitchen

Sep 26, 2021 | Appliances, Lighting

Tech has affected every sphere of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. More and more people are remodeling their kitchens by adding high-tech devices to save time and energy, eat healthily, and simply enjoy life.

While kitchen remodeling is synonymous with tearing up walls and floors, that is not always the case. It’s possible to upgrade your kitchen with minimal disruptions. All that’s needed is to identify aspects in your kitchen that can be enhanced with tech to transform life in the kitchen.

So, what options are available for tech-enthusiasts interested in remodeling their kitchens?

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For an easier buying experience, here’s a well-researched review of the 10 tech items that can be an asset in your kitchen.

1. Samsung 4-Door Smart Refrigerator With Touch Screen Family Hub

Purpose: An enhanced shopping experience

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after a busy day. That said, you might forget or misplace your shopping list. Perhaps you’re at the store and there’s no one at home to confirm what’s missing in the refrigerator.

However, it’s easy to avoid such challenges by investing in the Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator.
Notably, this fridge features a built-in camera. In addition, it’s fitted with energy-saving LED lights that light up the inside. With the Samsung 4-Door Smart Refrigerator, you can see the contents of your fridge from anywhere, so never second guess yourself in the grocery store again. With the Family Hub Touch Screen you can sink your family’s calendars in one place, place music while you cook, and connect your fridge to all your home smart devices. The fridge is also Wi-Fi and Bixby enabled. Buyers can control its temperature remotely.

2. June Life 7-in-1 Smart Oven

Purpose: Replaces seven kitchen devices

Kitchen remodeling calls for careful planning. Finding a device that can perform several kitchen functions can be a great perk. Aside from replacing a conventional oven, June Life 7 in 1 Smart Oven is the perfect replacement for:

• Toaster

• Dehydrator

• Air fryer

• Broiler

• Slow cooker

• Warming dryer

For the less experienced cooks, this device has a guided cookbook book featuring over 500 recipes. The device also comes with 200 automatic recipes. In other words, the whole family will be looking forward to the next meal-time.

Like most smart kitchen ideas, June Life is Alexa enabled, making it easy to monitor food remotely. The oven will send an alert to the connected Echo device when food is ready.

3. Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Purpose: Automated remote cooking

Your home chef will appreciate this gadget. It cooks meals faster, locks in flavor, and delivers a perfect level of doneness for most foods, be it pork, steak, vegetables, eggs, chicken, or fish. Also, it’s a pretty straightforward smart kitchen idea.

• Place food in a Ziploc bag,

• Fill a cooking pot or container with water and immerse the ingredients

• Set the appropriate temperature on the precision cooker

• Attach the Anova Precision Cooker to the cooking pot or container.

• Use a smartphone to monitor the food remotely

4. Yedi 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Purpose: Flexible, fast remote cooking

Just like the 7-in-1 oven, anyone investing in this pressure cooker will love its flexibility. Besides featuring 15 microprocessor cooking programs, it also performs the following kitchen tasks:

• Pressure cooking

• Slow cooking

• Sautéing

• Steaming

• Making cakes

• Pasteurization

• Making yogurt,

• Cooking rice

• Warming

For those who prefer to be more hands on, that’s no problem for the Yedi 9 in 1. This cooker allows a user to input their preferred cooking times and pressure levels manually. In addition, each purchase comes with cheat sheets and a recipe book. Therefore, it’s a perfect kitchen idea that saves space, time, and money.

5. Hestan Cue Smart Burner and Fryer Pan

Purpose: Cooking-on-the go device and source of modern recipes

This smart pan is a great smart kitchen device for those with just average or below average cooking abilities. Besides unrestricted access to Hestan Cue Recipe App, families can enjoy delicious meals since the device features easy-to-follow video guides made by professional chefs.

Also, the Hestan Cue burner and fryer pan is the perfect replacement for your old-school electric kitchen stove. Given that it’s small-sized and has an automatic temperature adjustment feature, it’s an excellent travel and on-the-go smart kitchen idea.

6. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Purpose: Automated easy to use indoor and outdoor smoking device

No more endless trips to check on your smoker, thanks to this Bluetooth-enabled digital electric smoker. With this smart kitchen device, users can power this smoker on and off, turn the food from a distance, and control the temperature and lighting.

Further, it can be an excellent smart kitchen idea for anyone who likes entertaining in the yard. The Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker features four racks big enough to feed a group. It also has a built-in meat probe thermometer and advanced thermostat temperature control to deliver evenly cooked food.

7. AmazonBasics Alexa Enabled Smart Microwave

Purpose: Space-saving and remote microwaving

The best smart kitchen ideas are user-friendly. This small, smart microwave from AmazonBasics is a space-saver like no other, and it’s also Alexa enabled. Therefore, those of us who are less-tech savvy can use it with minimal effort. The AmazonBasics Alexa Enabled Smart Microwave only requires someone to press the Ask Alexa button and combine it with an Echo device to enjoy its smart services.

8. Rotimatic Robotic Automatic Roti Maker

Purpose: Remote fast roti making

Roti is a round flatbread that has infinite ways to be prepared from an Indian side dish to the base for a pizza. The Rotimatic Robotic Automatic Roti Maker opens a whole new world of smart kitchen ideas. It comes with puris, pizzas, masala Rotis, and tortilla recipes that you can download as long as Wi-Fi is available.

This efficient automatic rotic makes produces three-layered, evenly cooked, and perfectly shaped Rotis for you and your family to enjoy. This smart device is the ultimate time saver. Place your ingredients, press a button, and let it do the rest. So, no more exhaustion or worrying about having to prepare Rotis for a big family or friends.

Lastly, this roti maker features machine learning, which means each roti gets better and better, thanks to assured automated firmware updates by the manufacturer.

9. AeroGarden Greenhouse

Purpose: Reliable source of fresh herbs and salad greens

People who love the kitchen will find this smart kitchen idea pretty helpful. It’s a countertop greenhouse for growing herbs and salad greens, including dill, thyme, basil, parsley, mint, lettuces, tomatoes, and many more. With an Aerogarden greenhouse, preparing recipes with fresh herbs has never been easier.

This smart kitchen device has a built-in sensor that turns the light on and off without anyone having to lift a finger. Also, it will send alerts whenever it’s time to feed or water your plants. Lastly, the manufacturer provides 100% germination guaranteed.

10. Smart Display

Purpose: Coordinate kitchen activities

Lastly, make sure to slot in a smart display when budgeting for kitchen remodeling. A virtual assistant is what a modern kitchen needs to enable easier coordination. You can choose to have Siri, an echo-show smart display, or a Google Nest Hub. It all boils down to your preference—do you like working with Alexa or Google Assistant?

When all is set, the device will help compile the shopping list, alert everyone when food is ready and give you countless recipe ideas.

Final Thoughts

Listed above are some of the handiest tech devices that can be added to your kitchen. Welcome tech with open arms into your kitchen and watch as it changes your life. You will soon ask yourself, ‘How did I live without a smart kitchen?’ Tech in your kitchen will not only increase the value of your kitchen and home, but it will make your life easier.