This Holiday Give Your Kids a New “Grown-Up” Bedroom

Dec 9, 2014 | Decorations, Furniture

As children start to get older, they tend to outgrow their childhood bedrooms. The items that once made their rooms cute are no longer exciting for the children. Helping your child take on more responsibility in the classroom and at home is just one way to encourage healthy growth. Reward your child with a refreshed bedroom that will continue to grow as he or she does.

A simple way to change up a child’s bedroom is to pick out a new color scheme. Paint the walls and change out the furniture to give the room a grown-up feel. Go for more neutral or brighter colors than the traditional soft colors associated with a nursery. If your child is into a very dark or bright color, consider painting an accent wall to bring in the color without closing off the space. Use rugs and bean bags or mirrors in complementary colors to add to the effect.

Go a step beyond color, and try changing the furniture out. Add a contemporary desk for your child’s homework and creative activities. A new bed frame or bed size can also help your child feel ready to fill bigger shoes. Picking out a bed set can be very empowering for a young person and bring cohesion to a more adult room. Choose staple items like a frame and dresser that will last in the room for years while focusing on accents that reflect your child’s personality and unique style.

If you went all out when your child was small and created a magic place to play and sleep in, he or she has likely outgrown the structural design. Consider a complete remodeling job to breathe new life into your child’s space. Adding in-wall shelving can really come in handy as your child starts a book collection. Redo the lighting with stringed lights or floor lamps so that the atmosphere of the room can shift with the lighting.

Consider adding an easy to care for plant to the room. Succulents are easy to grow and can make a neat DIY project for you and your child. Having your child care for a plant is another way to teach responsibility, too. Help your child pick out pictures of family or friends to hang on the walls and throughout the room.

Using chalkboard paint might be a great idea for artistic children. Paint a small area or a whole wall with chalkboard paint for your child to use in a variety of ways. It can become a canvas for homework brainstorming, artistic expression, or study groups.

Encourage cleanliness by having plenty of ways for your soon-to-be teenager to organize belongings. A coat rack, shelving, boxes, and baskets can all help to create the illusion of neatness even if your teen is compelled to throw things out of sight at the last minute. If there’s room, try adding a small sofa or seating area that can be used for hangouts and study groups. If you don’t have that much space, floor cushions and rugs can also create an inviting space for children to use that feels like a place of their own.

Finally, give interest pieces a place of honor. Have your child’s musical instrument stand in a visible spot, or hang old ballet shoes on the wall. Doing so will encourage your child’s hobbies and let him or her know you are proud of these accomplishments and interests.