Things to Keep in Mind When Remodeling a Bathroom

Sep 29, 2015 | Lighting, Renovations, Tables & Counters

Any remodel requires time and thoughtful planning, but a bathroom remodel presents its own set of unique challenges. Restructuring a bathroom isn’t as simple as moving around furniture. Homeowners may need to factor in plumbing and electrical changes if they plan to completely change the look and feel of a space. Don’t forget these considerations before you decide to remodel your bathrooms:

  • Underlying issues — Anytime you start ripping up flooring or chipping away at tile, you run the risk of finding a new problem. Water damage, structural problems, and plumbing/electrical installations that aren’t up to code present issues that must be addressed before much of the remodeling process starts.
  • Future use — Think into the future before deciding to install that claw-footed tub that you’ve always wanted. If accessibility may be a problem, look at other solutions. Similarly, some trendy bathroom remodeling ideas are in style now, but if you plan on moving from your current house in the future, you’ll want to invest in timeless features that match the style of the house.
  • Details — Lighting, fixtures, and whether or not to expose some of the plumbing can have a big impact on a bathroom space. Once you have the big picture idea laid out, take some time to think carefully about the details of the remodel that might change the look and feel of the bathroom. Consider your cleaning preferences/habits and your daily routine before deciding on a cabinet sink that you may never use or an exposed sink that doesn’t leave enough storage for your needs. For larger spaces, you may want to divide the room with a separate nook or room for the toilet.
  • Tub and shower, shower, or tub/shower combination — Bathrooms are more diverse than they’ve ever been, and you may not need a bathtub if you prefer showers. By getting rid of the tub, you will have more space for an easy-to-maintain and sleek walk-in shower that can accommodate a bench or his and her showerheads.
  • Fans and natural light — Natural light and airflow can help prevent the buildup of moisture in a bathroom. Leave windows in bathrooms if you can and install a fan for extra moisture removal and odor control. Some fans on the market today automatically turn on when the moisture levels reach a certain point.
  • Do some research on where you can save and where you should splurge — You may want to sit down and write out some extensive pros and cons for bathroom materials and fixtures. The tile might be more expensive up front, but it will add value to the space and stand up well over time. Consider what you expect to get out of the space and make budgetary considerations based on what is important for your daily experience.

A bathroom remodeling project can instantly add a sense of luxury and style to any home. If you’re tired of the standard 1990s setup or your bathroom is straight out of another era, it might be time to get the bathroom you’ve always wanted. Our team at RH Homes can help you with any sized bathroom remodeling project in Columbus, Ohio.