The Ultimate Woman Cave

Nov 5, 2013 | Decorations, Furniture

Often we hear about the famous man cave — but what about the woman cave? The décor and feel of an entire household frequently has the touch of the feminine, but women still need an area where they can unwind and relax into their own energy. A “cave” is perhaps a rough term for a woman’s abode, but regardless of semantics, there are many benefits to having a designated area for personal fun and care. Depending on what interests and favorite activities a woman has, there are many possible set ups and themes. Here are some ingredients that can contribute to the creation of the ultimate woman cave:

Good furniture and style

What feel would you like your woman cave to have? Style contributes immensely to the atmosphere and functionality of a room. The use of space and color can equally create a space of dynamism or tranquility.

Possible styles include contemporary, which emphasizes crisp and streamlined furniture and finishes, large windows, and well-defined angular geometry. Artwork and various accessories strategically placed also add a lot of character. A traditional style throws back to Europe in 1700’s and 1800’s. Warm inviting colors, beautifully patterned fabrics, and nice wooden furniture legs are all standouts of this look. Perhaps classical is more your feel, which takes after the mid-1900’s. Accessories help flavor the room too with pillows, plants, and area rugs.

The bottom line is that when you invite people over for a big party or a one-on-one chat, seating and decorations should reflect a positive social atmosphere. People should feel comfortable relaxing without having to worry too much about making a spill.

Good accessories

A woman cave is an opportunity to splurge on all your favorite amenities. What greater way to welcome your friends over than to showcase your wine cooler? A full kitchenette also offers many benefits. Maybe your inner artist is waiting to be unleashed. Create an area where you can set up your paints and easel and go at it. Hunkering down in a nice reading chair to breeze through some pages is also a rewarding activity. Installing a skylight to welcome in copious amounts of natural illumination could be a great option.

There could also be room devoted specially for your womanly needs, with a complete stock of makeup, jewelry, and / or clothing. It could be nice to have a group over to prepare for a night out on the town. Consider a sound system to enhance or change the ambiance of the room. Some sort of storage place could be helpful for yoga mats or other equipment. Whatever your joy or purpose may be, enjoy the lack of masculine influence and have the room optimized so you can best perform it.

Creating the ultimate woman cave is a very rewarding activity. Think about what is meaningful to you and what would help you get in touch with your feminine core. The room should be an extension of yourself into which you can relax and invite friends.

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