The Ultimate Man Cave

Oct 28, 2013 | Decorations, Furniture, Uncategorized

The ultimate man cave is a great facilitator of masculine relaxation and a prime place to exercise passion. A man and his friends can hang out, make a mess, and have fun. He can pursue activities without disturbing others and in the absence of feminine touch. Whether the interest is sports, gaming, beer, or woodcraft, every man deserves a place where he can center himself and enjoy male companionship. The following five elements, when put together, can help produce the ultimate man cave:

Good Location

Man caves can come in many shapes and sizes, but the selected area must be agreed upon and clearly designated. Spare bedrooms, attics, garages, or tool sheds all can provide this function. The location should be appropriately large and adaptable to your needs. A solid barrier of some sort, such as a door, is extremely beneficial to work and play can be done in peace. Woodwork can be a grand display of masculine strength. Having bathroom facilities and a kitchenette close at hand is also a bonus. Food should be easily accessible to sustain activities.

Good Lighting

Whether painting your next masterpiece or having friends over for beers, lighting is very instrumental in both creating mood and providing function. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere depending on placement and aura flavor. Overhead dimmer lights can serve a number of purposes and can be a great purchase.

Good Sound System

Sound and music also enhance the experience of man caves. Watching a movie or playing a video game with or without surround sound is not even comparable. The strategic setup of multiple audio channels and the placement of loudspeakers can take you to the next level. Did that explosion come from the back left-hand corner? We think it did.

Good Ventilation

Ventilation and air quality impacts health, happiness, and performance. Whether the byproduct of your activities is sweat, fumes, smoke, or other contaminants, ventilation can support and ensure the sustainability of your activities. Systems should be consciously designed and installed so that energy and money are conserved while supplying the appropriate levels of airflow.

Good Toys

Widescreen TV, gaming consoles, pool tables, barbells, sports items, and sci-fi memorabilia can all have a place in the man cave. This is an opportunity to let your inner designer and decorator out. Make your man cave a shrine to your passion. If you have a number of friends with a similar interest, this could be a chance to take those relationships to the next level by creating a space to gather and devote more time to that interest.

Mix and merge these recommendations as desired, flavor the room with the toys and utilities of your passion, and the ultimate man cave will be within reach. The area should be an expression of yourself and your identity, so allow incubation time in its creation but do not be afraid to make investments and take massive action when you are ready. Once created, man caves have the potential to produce years of enjoyment. Contact RH Homes today for more information on basement remodeling in Columbus, Ohio.