The Spice Rack Design Principle Helps Save Space

Mar 5, 2015 | Renovations

Big cities often mean small living spaces, especially in homes with small kitchens. People who sacrifice space have developed novel solutions for storage. Believe it or not, a lot of the best space-saving tactics are based on the same design principle as the good old spice rack. Spice racks use space that otherwise would be wasted. Their design principle can be applied in and outside of the kitchen in many novel ways.

Stow it all Away

Because clutter can be harmful to mental health, organizing your home can actually help you emotionally. Many homes use space very inefficiently. Take a look at your home and consider where you may have extra room to stow smaller items. A natural place to start is with false front drawers and existing cupboards.

False front drawers are normally installed where a real drawer is impossible to place, often for purely aesthetic reasons. By incorporating a hinge, these can be turned into ideal storage spaces for cleaning supplies, makeup, and even shoes.

Because cupboard doors already appear to serve a purpose, those who want to save space might overlook them as a tool. This is a big mistake. Installing some hangers and a coat of chalkboard paint makes the doors far more functional.

Another useful place for storage is under the stairs. Sliding drawers that are cut to fit into a specific stair space provide an amazing amount of storage by utilizing otherwise empty extra space.

Gadgets that save space are a new trend. These devices solve the needs of modern homeowners. One such device, dishwasher drawers, takes up less space and consumes fewer resources than traditional dishwashers. Use that extra space taken up by the old machine to build more cabinets and cupboards.

Put Old Things to New Uses

Many sites around the web have helpful tips for putting common household and kitchen items to new use as organizing aids. This reduces clutter in two ways: putting unused items to new use and organizing existing clutter.

LEGO Duplo blocks are excellent for stacking cookie sheets in preparation for baking. Some folks put magnets inside their plastic wrap, parchment paper, or wax paper boxes and attach them to the side of the fridge.

New tools might be helpful as well; jars and lidded containers make an excellent option for organizing junk drawers. Whenever there is a place where unrelated items are tossed in, it makes sense to segregate them into covered bins.

Sites like Houzz have great suggestions for utilizing space in creative ways. Many people are repurposing space in their homes to hold the things they need to live comfortably.

Considering Remodeling? Think About Your Space Needs

Whether you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or any other part of your home, talk to your contractor about space solutions. Many contractors are happy to offer suggestions for novel approaches to organizing space.

Think about wasted space at the end of the tub, under the sink, and elsewhere in your home, and then contact an experienced contractor. A professional can help you understand how to accomplish your organizational goals and offer feedback on your ideas.