The Newest Tech Upgrades for Your Home

Feb 3, 2015 | Appliances

Technology upgrades so quickly that quirky, high-tech solutions to simple problems have become a part of our everyday lives. The market for these kinds of products among the tech-savvy millennials is huge. The younger generations have been spending less money buying houses and more money updating their apartments.

Here we introduce some of the newest ways consumers can upgrade their home. We found devices that range in function from making chores easier to helping protect the premises with more effective home security.

Home Convenience

  • Bloomframe balcony. This is a product from France that transforms a balcony into an ordinary window via remote control.
  • Samsung laundry. Samsung revealed its 457 series washers and dryers that can be controlled from your cell phone. This allows you to use an app to start and stop cycles and receive notifications when a cycle finishes, complete with special cleansing options.
  • Thermostat apps. Tired of messing with the temperature? The Nest Learning Thermostat plots how you adjust the temperature within your home and will set itself to your preferences. If you leave your house, Nest will turn off to save energy.
  • Automated ovens and microwaves. The TMIO is an intelligent oven that allows the chef greater freedom before and after dinner. The oven can be set on a schedule to adjust heating levels throughout the day. Leftovers can be stored (or left) in the oven after meals and the TMIO will refrigerate your food. Families on a tight schedule can put their meals in the oven’s fridge mode and turn the product on before leaving work to enjoy a ready meal when they return.
  • Auto-feed pet bowls. Many pet manufacturers now produce electronic bowls for dogs and cats. The dishes have special compartments for loading food. The dishes are controllable with your phone so you can remotely feed your pets or decide between different feed types.

Home Security

  • Fingerprint identification locks. A new lock released called the Trinity-788 Adel Fingerprint Door Lock is a touch-screen lock that can store a hundred fingerprints in its memory. The lock can also be programmed to accept a password.
  • Self-sterilizing doors. There are a few products on the market that now feature safe door knobs. Using UV lights in the handle, the light kills germs on the surface. The handles come with sensors to shut off the light at your touch.
  • Video doorbell. Designed by VTech, this is a video surveillance system installed on your front door. Attached to the doorbell, the product will automatically take pictures of anyone who visits. Homeowners can see who is at the front steps or talk to the visitor remotely through your computer. The VTech’s doorbell also has Caller ID and voice messaging.
  • Smart locks. Similar to the fingerprint identification lock, smart locks are controlled by your phone. Owners with these locks will never again sit at work wondering if the front door is open.
  • Universal surge protection. With the advent of technology, surge protection is becoming increasingly important. Now companies sell surge protection systems that can be installed directly into the electrical panel, stopping all surges before they ever reach the outlet.