The Key Ingredients to a Luxurious Bathroom

Jul 9, 2014 | Flooring, Lighting

When most people think of luxurious rooms in a home, they tend to call kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and even porches to mind. But what about bathrooms? Though it is rare to come across a truly luxurious bathroom, when you do, it has quite an effect. A lavish, well-decorated, bathroom retreat provides the perfect secluded spot to get ready for the day or unwind from a busy one. But where do you start? What does a luxurious bathroom look like? While designs and tastes will vary from individual to individual, there are some common qualities that remain true across the board.

Wide Open Spaces

Bathrooms tend to be forgotten rooms in most homes. Builders often cram them in left over space, with toilets, sinks, and showers laid out in a less than ideal floor plan. Because most bathrooms are small and cramped, a larger, more open layout is instantly luxurious.

If you are designing or building a bathroom from scratch, make your bathroom a priority (rather than an afterthought). Commit square footage to your bathroom and keep things open and flowing. High ceilings and separate shower, toilet, and sink areas are two sure ways of opening things up and creating luxury. If you are remodeling and don’t have any room for adding more physical space, you can always create the appearance of more space by removing clutter and adding appliances that don’t eat up as much square footage.

Let There be Light

Natural light can do wonders for a room. Think skylights, accent windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc. An abundance of natural light in a bathroom is rare, yet welcome. It has a way of opening up the room and adding warmth. If you have neighbors nearby, add window coverings or sheers.

Textures and Materials

As much as light and space matter, you’ll also need to focus on the touch and feel of the room. Gorgeous, natural materials like marble, granite, stone, river rock, teak, and certain types of wood can add a sense of style and luxury. As for texture, the key is to aim for comfort, without doing so at the expense of style. Plush mats, towels, and coverings allow for comfort and can be purchased in any number of colors.

It’s in the Details

You’ve got to ask yourself, “how do I set my bathroom apart?” If you’re just adding some space and pretty materials, are you really creating a luxurious bathroom? More than likely, you will need to incorporate personalized touches. Add a statement piece, accent with candles, and draw attention to particular spaces by using unique designs. While you want to keep things different, remember to stay stylish.

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