Storage Solutions: Room by Room Storage Tips

Jan 27, 2015 | Cabinets

With January ending, spring is getting closer each day. As a result, most of us have spring cleaning on our minds. One of the biggest hassles associated with spring cleaning is storage, particularly of bulky items such as winter clothing and linens, or large kitchen appliances we don’t need in warmer months, like soup pots and indoor grills. However, storage can be a breeze with the right strategies. Let Homes Unlimited help you with that today.


The kitchen is often the hub of the house, where people gather to eat, talk, play games, and otherwise bond. Additionally, it’s usually the room with the most appliances and bulky accouterments. Start organizing by giving your cabinets a quick makeover. Instead of shelves, consider using small drawers or compartments. This will help you store spices, silverware, measuring spoons, and other items that often get jumbled in larger drawers. Store big items, such as indoor grills, large pans, or Lazy Susans, in spacious cabinets, ideally close to the floor or above the fridge.


Bedrooms are probably the trickiest rooms on this list because they are often where we store important possessions and are the first to get cluttered. Consider swapping out possessions every few months. Let’s say you’re a bookworm and have too many books for one room. Keep the ones you’re likely to read now in your bedroom’s bookcase. Pack the others in clear containers so you can see their titles and move them to a safe, airtight space in your attic, basement, or another storage area. Swap books out as you read them, about five to ten at a time. Kids can do the same thing with toys, games, and puzzles. Don’t forget to donate — donation centers and charities always need more options.

Living Room

Living rooms and dens often get overlooked because people assume there isn’t much to store in them. After all, you can’t exactly swap out heavy furniture or store antique afghans. However, these rooms are usually full of little objects like DVDs, video games, jackets, and shoes, which pile up quickly. For this room, the first thing to do is make a rule: if it doesn’t get used in the living room, it doesn’t belong there. Encourage family members to place shoes and jackets back in closets or in a laundry or mudroom. Make sure all DVDs, Blue Ray discs, and other television-related items are always in their proper cases. Store them in clear containers or roomy baskets, titles facing out. Use clear tape or rubber holders to keep the cords of video game consuls and accouterments from getting tangled. Drawstring bags or small plastic compartments like the ones found in craft store bead sets are great for keeping track of game or puzzle pieces.


This might seem like the only room you don’t have to worry about, but few things are more frustrating in the morning than a cluttered bathroom sink. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, or if small children have trouble reaching it, use labeled bathroom baskets to help keep track of everyone’s things. These can be actual baskets, bins, or other containers where everyone keeps separate soaps, washcloths, and other toiletries. Buy toothbrushes with brightly colored handles to avoid mix-ups. Store toothpaste and creams upside down on shelves to avoid wasting them.