Pet-Friendly Renovations

Mar 11, 2014 | Flooring, Renovations

When it comes time to making home improvements or remodeling, more pet owners are taking their furry friends into consideration. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Associate estimates that six out of 10 households have a pet, and each year pet owners spend more than $40 billion on their pets. Pets influence their owner’s lifestyle decisions, making pet-friendly remodeling trends more popular.

Here are 4 practical and aesthetically appealing home renovation ideas that keep your pet in mind:

Pet Retreats

These areas are usually located near an exterior door and have a lockable doggy door so that your pet can go inside and out. These spaces are ideal for pet owners who are gone frequently during the day. Some may even include automatic feeders and fountains, surveillance cameras and heated flooring, both inside and out.


Hard floors are the way to go for easy cleanup of pet messes. Ceramic tile is the most resistant to staining and scratches. Keep in mind that large dogs may scratch wood, but light to medium floor finishes minimize the appearance of scratches. Consider choosing flooring or carpeting that matches your pet’s fur and avoid buying expensive rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting for the sake of cleaning and odor. Modular carpet tiles are a useful option that are much easier and less expensive to replace. Pets also love to curl up for a nap on a heated floor, which also conveniently dries up wetness that your pet shakes off in your home.

Pet Overlooks

Built-in window seats or platform beds that your pet can see outside from allow them to keep track of the neighbors while avoiding jumping on furniture. Also, cat ramps and cat trees are stairs that run diagonally up a wall and are covered in carpet or rope so that your cat can explore without damaging your home.

Disguised Supplies

A built-in storage room is great for storing bulk pet food, kitty litter, grooming tools and toys. Built-in benches with removable covers can store leashes and supplies out of sight, and built-in raised food and water bowls are useful options to minimize spillage. Wall dispensers are also a useful way to recycle and hide your doggy bag collection.