Must-Have iPhone Apps for Remodelers and Builders

Oct 14, 2014 | Renovations

In the age of technology, building and remodeling are made easier every day. Builders today can download a wide variety of cheap or even free apps onto their phones to make their life simpler. Check out these must-have apps for all remodelers:

  • Photomeasures — You can put down the sticky note. For $4.99, the Photomeasures app allows builders to take a photo of a space and draw the measurements directly onto the picture. This means no more lost notes and no more mixing up your measurements. You only have to measure once with Photomeasures.
  • AutoDesk Homestyler — Looking to repaint, but can’t decide on a color? AutoDesk Homestyler is a free app that lets you try out paint colors before you make a commitment. There’s a big difference between looking at a paint swatch and seeing how the color will look on your wall. Take the guesswork out of painting — for free.
  • Sun Seeker — Lighting is elusive. The Sun Seeker app uses GPS to assess lighting conditions at different times of day or year. This way, remodelers and builders can see what the light will look like six months from their design decision. This allows for an informed decision on placement of furniture and other home additions. The app is $6.99 on the iPhone.
  • ID Wood — Choosing a kind of wood for your home can be difficult, especially if you're not a wood genius. The ID Wood app allows you to photograph a wood floor in any location and identifies the material, taking the guesswork out. This can help you decide if a particular kind of wood will look good in your home. ID Wood App is $4.99.