15 Ways to Style your Cabinets to Add Personality to your Kitchen

Oct 11, 2021 | Cabinets, Decorations


The kitchen is the heart of the home. With an open mind and a touch of creativity, you can update your kitchen cabinet style to completely transform your kitchen to reflect your style with the help of a home remodeling expert. This comprehensive guide is designated to help you decide which cabinet style is right for you and your kitchen.


Top 15 Kitchen Cabinet Styles


1. Shaker-style Cabinets

Shaker-Style Cabinets have a very ordinary design, and may be the design you first think of when you think ”cabinets.” The front panel of the cabinet has a recessed square panel to add dimension to the cabinetry. Shaker-style cabinets of a simple design that is easy on the eye and looks classy and cohesive. This kitchen cabinet style is versatile as it complements modern and traditional kitchen trends. You can customize your shaker-style cabinets with an assortment of hardware that differ in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

2. Flat-Front Cabinets

Flat-front cabinets, also called slab doors, are the most basic kitchen cabinet style on the market. If you’re going for a simple look for your kitchen, flat-front cabinets are for you. No frills, borders, frames or designs, they are indeed flat and smooth with no extras. Because of their basic finish, flat-front cabinets complement modern kitchens very well.

3. Louvered Cabinets

Louver doors present horizontal, fixed slats allowing air and light to pass through them. They most closely resemble a ‘shutter’ look. This type of kitchen cabinet style provides ventilation, making it both beautiful and functional. This style gives a unique look to modern kitchens. A drawback to louvered cabinets is the horizontal slats are more prone to catching grease and dust, which requires more upkeep and frequent cleaning.

4. Distressed Cabinets

Distressed cabinets offer a rustic and antique look because they are purposefully designed to look worn. Distressed cabinets can be professionally distressed or some homeowners DIY their existing cabinets. Buying this kitchen cabinet style with professional distressing produces the best result with consistent distress in all the right places, but it is possible to do it yourself. Distressed cabinets are perfect for a rustic, country-style kitchen.

5. Beadboard Cabinets

A beadboard cabinet is characterized by a row of vertical planks making up the front face of the cabinet. This type of kitchen cabinet style door gives the kitchen a dimensional, traditional look. Beadboard cabinets add charm and texture to a kitchen for a cottage-feel, but food and grime can build up between the vertical planks.

6. Raised Panel Cabinets

Raised panel cabinets are the opposite of shaker-style cabinets, where instead of the center portion of the cabinet recessed, the center portion protrudes from the border. Raised panels come in a variety of styles where the center portion takes on different shapes and sizes. This kitchen cabinet style is very traditional, but as trends always come back, these cabinets would be great as a classy touch to a modern kitchen.

7. Inset Cabinets

In the case of inset cabinets, the doors and drawers fit inside the cabinet frame, or for lack of other words, inset into the frame. If you look carefully, you can see the cabinet frame with a small gap that separates the frame from the drawer or door of the cabinet.

Inset cabinets tend to be more expensive because they have to be precisely cut to fit into the frame. Not to mention, carpenters also have to take into account the contraction and expansion of the wood due to change of temperature. Because inset cabinets offer a near-seamless surface and aesthetic design, they are perfect for the modern kitchen.

8. Thermofoil Cabinets

Thermofoil cabinets are not a style of cabinetry, but rather a surface finish. A thin layer of vinyl is vacuum pressed onto the surface. Despite the word foil, there is no metal in thermofoil finishes. Thermofoil is not applied directly to wood. It is applied to an MDF (medium density fiberboard) surface instead. The finished product is a silky-smooth surface with high-quality shine.

Thermofoil cabinets are long-lasting and available in a variety of colors and textures. The advantages of thermofoil cabinets are they are easy to clean, cost effective, moisture resistant, and warp resistant. Although there are many benefits, the drawbacks are they are not heat resistant. Thermofoil cabinets can be damaged easily if installed near the stove. It is also important to note some lighter shades can get slightly yellowed over time if exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

9. Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front cabinets are an elegant addition to any kitchen, but they do require a bit of upkeep. Cabinets are used quite a lot in the kitchen so expect to be cleaning food residue, fingerprints, and dust off the glass quite often.
If the cleaning for clear glass is intimidating, you have other options. Semi-transparent glass or painted glass-front cabinets can solve this problem. With semi-transparent or painted glass, all the dirt won’t be as easily visible, and it makes for a less ruthless cleaning schedule.

10. Mullion Kitchen Cabinets

A mullion kitchen cabinet door is made of glass panels instead of wood. The glass panels are divided by wood or aluminum and the dividers or mullions can form a grid or an ornamental design. Mullion kitchen cabinets are perfect if you want to show off beautiful dinnerware or fine china inside the cabinet. If you are the type of person that knows your cabinets won’t stay organized, then mullion kitchen cabinets are not the right choice for you. As the glass is see through, you will be left with an unattractive see through into messy cabinets that take away the entire effect of mullion cabinetry.

The downsides of mullion cabinets are that they attract grease and dust easily. They are a challenge to clean due to all the different sections or corners dirt and grime can hide in. All in all, mullion kitchen cabinets are a stunning addition to a kitchen, but they are hard to clean and

11. Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are three of the most popular raw materials used in the construction of metal kitchen cabinets. Each metal has distinct properties and finishes within a wide range of functions and price levels. Metal provides durability, attractiveness and resistance. Metal kitchen cabinets look great with wood and look great in industrial kitchen settings.

12. Wire Mesh Kitchen Cabinets

The front surface of a wire mesh kitchen cabinet is a mesh-like surface made of wood or metal that comes in a variety of designs and colors. The ‘mesh’ can be powder coated in a variety of finishes such as stainless, nickel, brass, bronze and copper. The finish can be done to match the faucets and appliances of the kitchen.
This kitchen style cabinet adds depth to kitchen cabinets, as they provide a sneak peek into what’s inside a cabinet, but not a clear view. One drawback of this style is that mesh cabinets are grease and dust catchers. Dirt can got caught in all the holes of the mesh and can be time consuming to clean.

13. Arch-Styled Kitchen Cabinets

Arch styled kitchen cabinets are a variation of the raised panel style, but the middle panel rises up slightly to resemble an arch. The pros and cons are the same as those of raised panels. The arched style lends a vintage vibe to the kitchen.

14. Cathedral style kitchen cabinets
Cathedral style cabinet doors are regal and grand, with a raised arch design and beautiful, ornate curved lines. It has a sunken, steeper arch that resembles a cathedral cut. This kitchen cabinet style is not too popular because most people prefer the shaker or flat look these days. Cathedral cut style works best with a bit of extra ceiling height for the right visual appeal .

15. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom cabinets are made for you to use your imagination and make your exact vision come to life. Custom cabinets can be made to fit any measurement or unique design and also can be mounted to the ceiling or the floor.
Their cost varies widely, the cost of custom kitchen cabinets is surprisingly not much more than mass-produced cabinets. The main benefit is that this style of cabinets fits perfectly according to the space.

Although kitchen remodeling is a major expense, renovating its current design can increase the value of the house and enhance its visual appeal. Apart from exquisite flooring, paint, countertops and lighting, cabinets are the focal point in the kitchen. Cabinet doors are one of the most visible components of the kitchen. Therefore, it is advisable to take factors such as cost, style and functionality into consideration before renovating a kitchen.