How to Survive a Major Home Renovation Project

Nov 25, 2015 | Lighting, Renovations

Home renovations can be fun and exciting, but they often drive homeowners crazy. The bigger your renovation project, the more likely you are to be stressed, especially around the holidays. Don’t let renovation stress ruin your holiday season. Instead, use our tips to help get through your project as calmly and efficiently as possible.

If Possible, Consider a Move

The best way to reduce stress during a major home renovation is to move out. Get a hotel suite or stay with friends and relatives. If timing and budget allow, use construction time for a vacation. Remember that construction is dirty and noisy. At regular intervals, your water and electricity may need to be turned off. This will cause inconveniences and add to your stress. Make sure you move into a comfortable location where you can care for yourself and your possessions.

Use Alternate Spaces

Sometimes, it is not feasible to move out of your house during renovation. In that case, you’ll need alternative living spaces. Try to find a space in your home that can serve the same function as what’s being remodeled. For example, you might need to wash dishes in a bathroom sink during a kitchen remodel, or you might need to sleep in the living room during a bedroom renovation. Designate your alternate zones well before the renovation begins, and make sure you have backup plans in case those zones don’t work out.

Invest in Plenty of Sheeting and Tape

As noted, construction is a messy business. To keep your floors and walls from being littered with wood chips and insulation particles, invest in plenty of plastic sheeting, tarps, and drop cloths. Use these to cover floors and furniture. Painter’s tape helps keep your walls looking clean, as well. Remove all paintings, posters, and wall decorations before renovation and store them in a safe, clean area.

Budget First

Before your renovation begins, set a budget and stick to it. Too many homeowners overestimate what they can afford, and they end up hiring substandard professionals or commit to purchase items they can’t afford. However, overspending will make the renovation process longer and harder. On the other hand, being too frugal can backfire. As a rule of thumb, the bulk of your money should be spent on renovation professionals. Check professionals’ credentials first and read website reviews, if they’re available.

Manage the Stress

If you can’t move out, don’t stay home all day watching the work. This may cause anxiety for renovators, and it will definitely add to your stress. Stay out of the house as much as possible. If you can, schedule renovations at a time when everyone will be at work or school most of the day.

If you must renovate during the holidays, plan ahead. Visit favorite restaurants, shop for the holidays, or find new activities that will kill plenty of time. Send kids to visit friends or relatives, and hang out with your own friends. Go to the coffee shop for a hot beverage or take your spouse on a date.

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