How Does Water Mitigation Work?

Sep 17, 2013 | Renovations

This week we have a guest blog post from our partners at Global Restoration. Often, water damage is unavoidable, especially during the storm season. They tell us that unexpected disasters within the home can happen to anyone. So in this post, they share with us some of the ins and outs regarding the water mitigation process. In case you experience something similar, this is what you should expect from the restoration process:

No matter the cause, having your home or business undergo flooding is always considered a disaster. Whether it is flooding due to a storm, or a water line breaking, having an indoor flood is inconvenient and requires immediate attention. Let’s dig a little bit deeper on the water mitigation process.

What is Water Mitigation?

Water Mitigation refers to the process of lessening the damage due to a disaster by saving as much of your property as possible. Water Mitigation services are used to recover from flooding, whether it is due to faulty water pipes or a storm. Mitigation helps minimize the loss of property damage and financial impact put on your family.

Inspection and Extraction

Before we start the water mitigation process, we will visit your property. One of our highly trained staff will inspect your property and inform you of the level of damage that was done. We will properly remove all flooring that cannot be restored and then begin extracting the excess water. The methods we use to extract the water will vary depending upon the amount of flooding that occurred. All of the water has to be removed before the restoration process can begin.

Drying the Area

Once we have successfully removed the water from your home, we can begin the drying process. Water damage affects other areas of your home besides just your flooring. All wood and fabric items will retain water and need to be professionally dried. If the damaged area is not adequately dried, it could lead to issues in the future such as mold or a weakening foundation. Our team at Global Restoration uses industrial dehumidifiers and dryers that will remove the water from all surrounding objects.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

If the water has been standing in your home for some time, the area may require mold and mildew removal as well. Mold and mildew are serious issues and can cause problems within your respiratory tract. Some people are allergic to mold while others can have milder symptoms. Our specialists here at Global Restoration will evaluate the area and discuss the options regarding mold removal and prevention. The usual duration of the water mitigation process is 3-5 days. We advise that you contact us as soon as the problem arises for the best mitigation results.

Global Restoration has been in business for over 20 years and worked hard to learn the best possible techniques to serve our customer’s needs. Residents of Ohio and Indiana can call 888-432-6027 for emergency assistance while residents of Georgia can call 866-726-8688. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can respond to your situation within minutes.