How do you pick the right materials for a remodeling job?

Jan 27, 2015 | Renovations

We asked John Ricks a few questions about the day to day in the remodeling business, here he answers how to pick the right materials for a remodeling job and what all that entails.

When we prepare a Proposal for a remodeling job we line item out everything that we will be performing during that job. For each item that the homeowner (HO) will need to select we try to specify quantities and allowance amounts. I will then send them to the suppliers that I use to make the selections. I will prep the suppliers so they have the proper information for the job so the HO can get in and out as quickly as possible. I typically work with the same sales people at my suppliers and they are usually really good about providing proper selections within the corresponding allowance amounts. I’m rarely part of the selection appointments unless the HO asks me to be. I have very good confidence that the supplier will help in the proper selections since that is part of their specialty and can answer questions more specifically than I can. Once selections have been made I will typically review the products and discuss any questions that I have prior to the ordering process. Basically the sales people, over time, will know what products and brands that we prefer to use.