Fishing Trip with the Cabinet Shop and Remodeling Partners

Jun 13, 2014 | Cabinets, Renovations

Last month, RH Homes attended a fishing trip to Miami, FL., organized by The Cabinet Shop. The Cabinet Shop has been a cabinet supplier to RH Homes from day one, and we appreciated the opportunity to share some time on a different setting.

The attendees included John Ricks, RH Homes owner, Hans Jurawitz, founder of The Cabinet Shop, as well as three other remodeling company owners. “Other than just having fun we spent a lot of time talking about industry trends and hurdles that we all face, such as labor force, customer relations, job cost and just about everything else.” – said John. “It was just a quick trip Friday evening through Sunday, but It was nice to speak with some of my competitors and understand that they face the same issues that we do at RH Homes.”, he continued.