Decorating Your New Home to Make It Uniquely You

May 4, 2015 | Decorations, Furniture, Renovations

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Homeownership gives you the opportunity to take a space and make it truly yours in ways a rental can’t provide. Upon moving into a new house, many are excited to make the space feel like their own and endow it with a homey feeling. The following are a few ways you can make your house into a place that reflects your unique personality.

Integrate Your Interests

Are you a classic movie lover or a sports fan? One of the best ways to bring character into your décor is by identifying some important parts of your personality and manifesting them throughout your living space. Fans of cinema can personalize their spaces by integrating their interests in small decorations throughout the home. Classic reels, framed stills, and overall vintage décor can bring your passion into your living quarters. Sports fans can show their love of the game with jerseys, pictures of events, and small touches like coasters and throw pillows.

Put Your Favorite Colors to Work

Whether you are someone who has a signature color or are just more attracted to certain hues, using the colors of your personality to paint accent walls or select drapes can be a wonderful way to make your house feel like your own. If you are a laid back person, look for calming blues and greens. If passion is your style, try dramatic reds offset by gray accents. Whatever your personality, choosing the correct color pallet can showcase it in a meaningful and cultured way.

Use Your Background as a Springboard

Think back to the home you grew up. Was it in the middle of a posh downtown? Was it in a suburb or out in the country? Often, the home we were raised in has a large impact on our personality and unique style preferences. By going back to your roots, you may find it simpler than you thought possible to make your house your own. Those with an urban background may like to keep their home feeling sleek and posh, using understated colors and clean edges in their décor. A child of farmers, however, may prefer a place with a cozier feel, employing comfortable furniture and classic wall decorations to create a relaxed rural atmosphere.

Find Designs That Say Home to You

Each of us has our own idea of what comfort is. When decorating your space, keep yours in mind. If plush carpets, overstuffed couches, and an overall impression of softness are what make you feel most at ease, bring those elements into your home. Maybe deep burgundy walls against hardwood floors are calming to you. If so, incorporate them. Whatever style you feel a deep connection with should be the central theme of your living quarters.

In the end, home is the place we spend most of our downtime. It’s the face we present to the world. Finding the perfect balance between comfort and beauty may not be easy, but by making sure your style and character are showcased in every part of your home, you are guaranteed to be delighted each time you open your front door. If you are in the market for designing your home to make it uniquely you, don’t hesitate a moment longer and reach out to RH Homes who can help you build the home of your dreams. We are the professionals you can trust with ensuring your house looks and feels entirely like your home.