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How to Make Your Living Room Inviting for Summer

Posted by: john | July 14, 2015
Summer presents a unique opportunity for all homeowners to break free from the chains of tradition and try something fun and bright in their spaces. Whether you are looking for a temporary fix or you are ready for a change that can accommodate all seasons, these innovative tips for updating your living room are inviting and summery. 
1. Let there be light. Lighting is a crucial design element that can transform the look and feel of a space. Opening the blinds and window shades and washing the windows can be a simple and effective way to brighten your room and make it more appealing. Consider changing the blinds or window treatments to lighter materials and colors to let in the maximum amount of light while still protecting your privacy. 
2. Throw pillows and more. Instead of choosing the same palette of colors you always decorate with, change your living room’s tone with new, complementary colors. Pack up some of the neutrals and dark colors, and opt for two or three new colors in bold hues and patterns. 
Jewel tones work well in summer and into fall. Salmon pinks, golden yellows, and grassy greens look great in a brightly lit room and add warmth. Place a colored blanket over the back of your sofa for cool nights, or change the color of your sofa completely with a lightweight slipcover. 
3. A summer area rug. For hard floors and carpets, an area rug can transform the look of a space. Find a great pattern for a typically monochromatic room or choose an accent color to fill the room with an inviting glow. Transform a white and gray-toned room with a patterned red throw rug and some royal blue clamshell patterned window treatments for a patriotic approach to the summer season.
4. Clean it out. Piles of books and clutter on a coffee table can make a room feel cluttered and disorganized. Move everything except the most essential items. For built-in bookcases, try adding some new accents with fun bookends or a vase collection to match your new color palette. 
5. Highlight your plants. Bring in freshly cut flowers, silk flowers or potted plants. Enjoy the beauty of greenery, flowers and vegetables during their prime season. Plants always soften a space and create a relaxing environment. 
6. Consider building a bar. Moveable or stationary, a small indoor bar is the perfect way to create an inviting space. Keep common mixed-drink garnishes on the work surface above while you store the other ingredients in cabinetry below.
7. Antiqued and whitewashed. Popular summer stains and paint finishes today include antiqued, weathered, and whitewashed surfaces. Consider updating your furniture with a new finish for summer or find a vintage piece that needs refurbishing. 
8. Open up the space. Small spaces can feel cramped during summer. Consider a remodeling project to open up the kitchen and living room area, or knock down a wall to the halfway point to keep a clear demarcation of space without sacrificing openness. 
With a few easy tricks, your home can reflect the brightness and fun of summer. If you are looking for more substantial ways to enjoy the best of summer in your home, you might consider adding a sunroom or screened porch that will help you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors all year long. For more information on home improvement projects, contact us at RH Homes.


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