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How to Make Your Deck or Porch POP This Spring!

Posted by: admin | April 27, 2015
Spring has sprung: flowers, birds, and people are all emerging from their winter hideaways. People are coming out of their homes to till their gardens, paint their houses, and spend warm evenings on their porches. Spring is a great time to add some updates to your porch or deck and turn it into an eye-catching outdoor living area. Try some easy improvements this year and make your deck or porch the talk of the neighborhood.
Repair and Re-stain:
First things first, make any necessary repairs to your deck or porch. Replace any wood that shows signs of rot or splitting, and fix any foundation issues. Once that is complete you will have a fresh canvas to work with. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your outdoor living room is a simple re-stain. You will need to power-wash the deck and remove old stain first – either using a stripper or a sander. Then, it's as easy as finding a stain and applying it. Many stains are available that don't need to be wiped off after application: simply roll it on and let it sit. When shopping for a stain, find one that compliments your house, yard, and wood grain. If you live in a wooded area, an earthy warm shade will compliment the lush greenery. 
Update Your Deck Furniture
Is your deck furniture plain and boring? Spice it up! If your furniture is still in good shape, or you don't want to splurge on new items, you can easily repaint patio furniture. For metal pieces, clean off debris and chipping paint with a wire brush, then use a metallic spray paint to update the look. Wooden furniture can be sanded and repainted or stained. Another fun idea is to replace cushions by re-upholstering them in a new fabric – the options are endless. Remember to have fun and choose accent colors that will stand out against your landscape.
Bring in Some Natural Elements
One can never go wrong with plants. Add some nature to your deck or porch with hanging plants, over-the-railing planters, potted trees, or even a vine. Add a pergola or attach latticework to a railing, plant some fast-growing vines, and you have a built-in privacy fence. Grow tomatoes from a hanging basket for fresh ingredients come dinner-time. Line your deck with lemon-balm plants that naturally keep bugs away all summer. If you want to keep it simple, plant some easy-to-grow ferns for textural foliage without the hassle.
Get Wired
If you love entertaining guests outdoors, a deck that is wired for sound is a must. Outdoor sound systems let you listen to music while grilling, entertaining, or simply enjoying the sunshine. They're also designed to be weatherproof, so you just mount the speakers and you're done. No need to worry about lugging a stereo and extension cords inside at the end of the night. 
Turn on the Lights
Create an ambient atmosphere by adding lighting around your deck. Tiki torches are inexpensive and keep bugs away, but they can be a pain to refill. Spring for more durable solar or low voltage lights that can be installed on post-tops or steps. They can be set to come on automatically, they look great, and they improve the safety of your deck. 

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