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4 Reasons to Choose a Small Kitchen Remodeling Company

Posted by: admin | October 06, 2015

The time has come. You've poured over design blogs and dreamed about your perfect kitchen, you’ve even saved the money for a remodel. Now all you have to do is decide on a company to do the work, but that's easier said than done. Perhaps you've been thinking about going with a large-scale remodeling service, or maybe you haven't thought about where to start yet. Choosing a remodeling company doesn't have to be as hard as it seems. Here's how to find the perfect company to make your kitchen dreams a reality (and why a smaller company is your best bet).


First, Check the Portfolio

Before you do anything else, check out samples of the company's work. Remodeling companies pride themselves on their portfolios, and the company website should proudly display past projects. Bonus points if you can find customer testimonials and contractor biographies. Smaller companies tend to do much less, if any, outsourcing. What does less outsourcing mean to you? It means that you and your remodeling team will always be on the same page, which is always a top priority.


Small Scale Equals Attention to Detail

Most small remodeling companies are family owned. The difference between a family-owned company and a large corporate remodeling company is quality. Sure, the corporate company might boast about its long lists of clientele, but they may not offer the same attention to details regarding customer experience. While big companies focus on acquiring new customers, smaller companies focus on making their customers happy. Small remodeling company owners build their livelihoods on their workmanship, meaning you’ll always get great customer service and unbeatable attention to detail.


No Overhead Hassles to Deal With

Go ahead; don't be afraid to give the small kitchen remodeling company a phone call. Chances are that you'll speak directly with one of the contractors. Small companies can keep their costs low because they have less overhead. When you get a quote from a smaller company, you might be surprised at the savings. Small remodeling companies, like larger firms, work with a network of suppliers, which nets them savings on high-quality pieces. But unlike large companies, smaller firms have the time to dedicate to making sure your kitchen design is picture perfect before installation.


Licensing and Contractor Credentials

During your research, always check for licensing and insurance, no matter the size of the company. Different states have different licensing requirements, so check online and on the company website for credentials. Make sure all the contractors have current licenses and ask them what types of insurance they carry. Kitchen remodeling companies should carry personal liability and property damage coverage. If you're working with a smaller business, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that some of the contractors have master licenses. Because smaller firms don't have overwhelming lists of projects, they don't have to outsource labor or hire under-experienced contractors.


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