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5 Ways to Lighten Up Your Home for Summer

Posted by: admin | June 16, 2015
Summer is finally here. Flowers are blooming, raincoats have been put away for the season and it’s time to get out the iced tea. Listed below are some tips to help you to bring the sun and fun of summer into your home.
The Benefits of Summer and Sunlight for the Home
Did you know that sunlight can help to physically reduce stress in the mind and body? According to a blog written by Tayla Holman for Healthline (medically reviewed by Dr. George Krucik, MD), natural sunlight helps to boost the levels of serotonin in the body. Bringing more sunlight into your home can benefit the well-being of you and your family. 
Here are our top 5 ways to make the most of all that extra light by optimizing your home for the summer season.
1. Harness the Power of White
Adding more white to your home can help you significantly when brightening up your home for the summer. Even small exchanges of dark-colored dishes or knick-knacks for white ones can give your home a cleaner and brighter feel. 
There is a science behind why white is a good choice for the summer. A report from Missouri University's Office of Science Outreach explains that darker colors, such as black or navy blue, absorb light, while lighter colors reflect the light back out into the room. White in particular makes the most efficient use of the natural light that is available in the summer, making a room feel open and bright. 
Another reason that white is so effective is that it adds a minimalistic feel to a space. Amy Brooke Dunstan (Coastal Living) makes the point that a simplified palette of color will help to make a small space feel airy. 
2. Replace Winter Textiles with Bright Accent Colors
Not everyone will want to redecorate their entire house for the summer. However, the good news is that you don’t have to make drastic changes in order to brighten up your home.
One effective way to bring more light into your home is to replace winter textiles with bright textiles that have lots of accent colors. 
One way to bring white accents into your home is to make use of white towels. Crisp, white towels stir connotations of summers at the beach or spring days at the spa. It’s also a clever and easy way to bring white as an accent color into the bathroom.
Another tip the experts advise is breaking the colors in a room up into percentages to get the exact right balance. For example, 60 percent of color should be dominant, 30 percent should be a secondary color and 10 percent should be your accent color. You can play around with your secondary and accent colors without having to make drastic changes to your interior décor. In fact, this can usually be achieved with accessories. Light blankets or throw pillows are a great way to add bright accent colors, and furniture is a great way to add lighter secondary colors.
3. Opt for an Eggshell or Satin Finish on Painted Walls
Repainting your home can make a huge difference in how light and airy it feels. While changing the color of a room is an obvious choice, even just repainting in the same color with a new finish can make a big impact.
Tami Mason of Demand Media writes for SF Gate that a matte finish can become flat when dry, which absorbs the light. In contrast, an eggshell or satin finish coat will help to reflect light around the room. It’s important to make the best use of all the light coming into your home, so these finishing touches will help you to use light efficiently and effectively.
4. Declutter and Tidy Away Signs of Winter
Peter Walsh writes for about ways in which you can declutter your home to brighten up the space for the summer. He mentions creating a designated storage area in the house, away from view, for winter items such as coats, snow gear, and winter decorations. This is a great way to declutter your home and store items that you won’t need during the summer months. 
He also advises keeping surfaces as clean and clutter-free as possible. Much like satin or eggshell paint, clean, shiny countertops and tables can help to reflect light, making your home feel larger and brighter.
5. Bring the Outdoors Inside
Bringing the outdoors inside can help to give your home a breath of fresh air. An article from Woman’s Day suggests bringing indoor greenery into the home. One way you can do this is by bringing flowers or small potted plants into your home. That can help to open up the space by making the transition between the outdoors and the indoors more fluid. 
The natural green color of plants and the vibrant colors of flowers can also help to ensure that your use of accent color is subtle, yet effective. Plants around the house also serve as quiet reminders of the outdoors, even when you are stuck inside working in the office. This can help to lighten the mood as well as the home.
Brightening Up the Home Is Simple, Yet It Makes a Huge Difference to the Feel of Your Space
Not all of these tips will be right for your space or for your budget and time constraints. However, implementing even one or two small changes can make a big difference to the feel of the home. Make use of the natural sunlight available during the summer to give your home a new lease on life. 
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