5 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Sep 8, 2015 | Flooring, Lighting, Renovations, Tables & Counters

You may not have a fairytale bathroom with ample square footage, but that does not mean the space has to be boring. With the right creativity and practicality, you can enjoy a little luxury. Consider these tips for making the most of what you have.

1. Use Colors and Accents

Whether you want to go with basic white, neutral grays, or bright colors that pop, make certain you include some contrasting features. In a white space, add hints of accent color on or around the sink, or choose colored towels.

Consider making the partition the sink is on an accent wall, using bright colors and textures that might be overwhelming in a larger room. If you choose a bright background, use the opposite principle. Stick to clean white fixtures and neutral colored towels. If the base color is bright, go for darker browns and greys. If the base is darker, choose whites and bright tones to accent.

2. Add Contrasting Tiles

Do not just stick to one tile type in a small bathroom. Choose an accenting mosaic tile, and use a band of it around sink height for contrast. Also, your floor does not have to use just one basic tile type. Put in an accenting mosaic in front of your shower or tub. That will draw eyes to the floor and add texture, potentially eliminating the need to incorporate a rug into your design.

3. Optimize Storage

In a small bathroom, storage should be more than functional; it should be decorative. Rather than using basic hangers and plain shelving units, choose designs that enhance the beauty of the space. You can get designer type hangers for towels, whether they began that way or you made them look it with a coat of paint. Hanging shelves can be placed off center to allow for greater visual interest. Even a basic shelving and cupboard unit can be painted and decorated with wall paper or other craft supplies.

4. Clear the Floor

In a small room, floor space is a premium. Do not waste it. Rather than having a vanity that rests on the floor, choose a hanging vanity where the plumbing goes into the wall, leaving the floor clear and usable. Another good idea is to use floating shelves rather than a shelving unit. Floating shelves reduce the amount of floor space used, and they come in an array of types that can be made into a design feature rather than a simple necessity.

5. Make a Virtue of the Necessary

There are certain features every bathroom needs: a toilet, sink, mirror, and storage. However, no one said these things had to be plain.

Use or modify storage units so they are functional and attractive. Get an elegant and unique looking mirror. Put storage over the toilet, making it a feature, rather than a flaw. Choose an interesting looking vanity, and arrange soaps and bath goods in new wrappers and elegant bottles.

You can do a lot of things to transform a tiny bathroom into a unique and elegant space. For more tips and information on remodeling or renovating your bathroom, contact RH Homes.