4 Ways to Protect Your Home Before a Remodel

Jul 15, 2013 | Renovations, Uncategorized

Remodeling your home ‒ whether adding on a room, gutting and redoing a kitchen, or fully remodeling the whole house — is an exciting prospect. But at the end of it, you want to end up with a beautiful home, not a house that now needs to be scrubbed out and cleaned to make up for the mess left by construction. By taking precautions before construction starts, you can avoid some of the common cleanup and unintentional damage pitfalls of having major work done on your home. Here are just a few ideas for protecting your home during a major remodel from the contractors at RH Homes.

Seal Your Home Against Dust

Wherever there’s construction, there will be dust. Whether from hammering, sawing, driving screws, tearing down sheetrock, or simply carrying in new materials, construction zones tend to be filled with all kinds of airborne debris that can easily work its way into your house ‒ even into the rooms that you aren’t remodeling. There are a few steps you can take to avoid dust getting into the rest of your home. Sealing off doorways with tarps and plastic sheeting is a great way to start. Make sure all air ducts to and from rooms that are being worked in are closed, and cover up any baseboards or vents with plastic sheeting. Finally, invest in a high quality fan to blow dust outside.

Protect Doorways from Bumps and Scratches

Carrying furniture and large materials through doorways can often result in door jambs being scratched or dented. Use long strips of cardboard or folded cloth, and tape it to the door jamb with painter’s tape. This will ensure that any bumps are cushioned. Consider, too, taking down any doors that are close to a work area to avoid them being damaged while frequently opened and closed.

Make a Waste Removal Plan

Communicate with your contractor in terms of where they will be disposing of waste, and how they will carry it through your home. If waste must be carried through multiple rooms of your home, make sure that contractors have a clear path that is covered and protected with drop cloths and that all furniture is out of harm’s way.

Stow Away Your Belongings

Wherever possible, put away your belongings in safe places so that they aren’t damaged by construction. This is more obvious for rooms where work will actually be done, but it’s important to consider, too, items in other areas of the house, as dust and vibrations can travel. Drilling, for example, might knock a fragile item off of a shelf in a next-door room, while dust might travel into your library or a large closet and ruin your belongings.

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